About Me

Malgorzata Sowa

Born 12 April 1987, in Krosno, Poland. Graduated in 2011. Almost tree years of work experience (even during the study) in the proffession allowed me to create a wide range of skills.
As a hard-working person I can work effectivley under the pressure and quickly adapt to new working environments. During the practice I’ve had an opportunity to work in a group and organize work of the group on the possition of team leader. I am highly organized person which places the timeliness as a value for me.
Great manual skills including sketches, graphics, painting, modeling and sewing are on my side.
I cry like a baby watching Love Actually, I’m strangely fascinated by serial killers, the work of Tess Gerritsen and all favourite soundtracks that describes some parts of my life. I’m permanently in love with the persian cats and english buldogs, but I spent a large part of my free time at 60 liter aquarium full of shrimps and fishes.